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HT-M2 Microwave leakage detector
Product advantages

HT-M2 Oven leakage detector 


Microwave oven leakage detector with digital readout- - Do you ever watch your leftovers reheat in the microwave?

If that oven has a defective seal, you could be engaging in risky behavior. You might be exposing yourself (and your family or your employees and customers) to dangerous levels of microwave radiation without knowing it. Microwave radiation is known to cause cataracts, birth defects, cancer, and other serious health problems including nervous system damage, headaches, and pacemaker interference.


The following conditions can cause oven leakage:


  • Slamming the oven door
  • Basic wear and tear
  • Broken or missing door glass
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Food-particle build up around door seals.


Our digital oven leakage detector tells you how much your oven is leaking. This affordable digital microwave leakage meter is a must for every household, office, nursing home, restaurant, dormitory, and RV that has a microwave oven.


1. the meter is sensitive all the way .

2. it will detect harmful levels of radiation.  give you an accurate digital reading of the amount of leakage from  your microwave oven,

3. this meter will display for warming when it senses microwaves above the 5mW/cm2 danger threshold.



1.LCD digital readout
2.Low leakage volume display for warning
3.Never needs recalibration
4.Hign sensitivity to the microwave
5.Excellent reliability and high precision



Callibrated at 2450MHz
Range 0~9.99mW/cm2
Warning value 5.0mW/cm2
Accuracy +1dB
Power supply 9v battery